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Vermont Rampage, Rutland's semi-pro football team, had their first game of the season on Sunday afternoon. Fans packed the Alumni Field to watch an afternoon of action packed football. The Vermont Rampage is in their second season on the semi-pro level and growing. Their roster includes over 40 players and numerous coaches. Jim Helm of Fair Haven is the Head Coach this season. Jim has five years of coaching football under his belt guiding the Fair Haven High School Slater's in their football program. Roy Thomas of Rutland, VT will be head of game day operations and is the marketing Director for the Rampage. Roy has been with the team since the start and has been a great asset. One of the major tasks on Roy's agenda is getting the Rampage a home field right here in Rutland. Alumni Field boasts the only turf field in Central Vermont and is the perfect atmosphere to host numerous games for the New England Football League.

The Vermont Rampage team has been a regular fixture at the downtown Friday Night Live series of events this year. Their next home game will be held at the Alumni Field on August 9th at 4:00 pm. For more information please visit their website at: